Trio of Artisan Sicilian Coffee (Ground), 200g


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A tribute to the treasures of Sicily, an exclusive capsule collection that combines culture and coffee.

“Teatro Massimo” is dedicated to the largest opera house in Italy, built at the end of the nineteenth century by the two architects who symbolize the Liberty style of Palermo: Giovan Battista and Ernesto Basile.

“Quattro Canti” is dedicated to the octagonal square that unites the two ancient streets of Palermo: the Cassaro and via Maqueda.

“Selinunte” is dedicated to the Selinunte Archaeological Park, the largest archaeological site in Europe, evidence of the glorious civilization of Greek origin that dominated this area of ​​the island in ancient times.

Inside the package there is a special blend of coffee that contains the traditional aromas and flavours of the city. Coffee with a Mediterranean character, with hints of toasted almonds and citrus jam.

Since 1920 Morettino has taken us on a  journey to discover the Sicilian coffee experience. Over time the family’s passion and dedication to search for the best coffee beans all over the world has led Morettino to create a superior quality artisan coffee in the heart of Palermo, Sicily.

Serves: Fresh ground coffee, ideal for Moka pots and filter extractions
Weight: 200g each bag
Storage: Keep in a cool dry area and well sealed once opened


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