The Sicilian Aperitivo Trio (Antipasti & Stuzzichini Selection)


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To Aperitivo is a way of life, a moment to pause and reflect, eating small bites of finger food (stuzzichini) alongside a refreshing drink in hand all whilst chatting away to your friends and family.

Our Aperitivo Trio is the perfect way to create easy, tasty and impressive stuzzichini.

Sicilian Pesto di Finocchietto Selvatico, Sicilian Wild Fennel Pesto, handpicked from the Iblei mountains blitzed with Sicilian extra virgin olive oil and a dash of lemon.

U Capuliatu, a Sicilian minced sundried tomato, intensely dried by the Sicilian sun and rehydrated in Sicilian extra virgin olive oil from the Iblei mountains and then infused with a hint of fresh basil. Eat straight out of the jar or add onto bread or pane Carasau from our Sardinian friends. Also ideal as a condiment for mixing through salads, pasta and sauces to uplift any dish!

Caponata Siciliana, the classic sweet and sour vegetable mix consisting of plump Sicilian aubergine, sweet peppers, tart olives and savoury onions all combined with a rich yet subtle sweet and sour tomato sauce. Every Sicilian family has their own version, ours for example has no raisins inside (as Sofia doesn’t like them)! Take out of the jar for 30 minutes to breathe and serve as part of an Aperitivo with burrata cheese or pecorino cheese and scoop up with crusty bread. Ideal to serve alongside grilled tuna and swordfish too.

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  • Sicilian Pesto di Finocchietto Selvatico – 180g
  • U Capuliatu – 180g
  • Caponata Siciliana – 180g


  • Milk
  • Nuts