The Essential Sicilian Pantry Bundle


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Discover our Sicilian pantry essentials, including our go to Sicilian organic pastas and our signature ‘Made in Sicily’ Strazzanti sauces, pesto and Extra Virgin Olive Oil for those impressive, yet quick and easy to prepare meals.

Here are some of our favourite recipe ideas:



  • Organic Sicilian durum wheat Linguine – Liberra Terra 500g
  • Sugo di Pomodoro x 2 – 180g
  • Organic Sicilian Spaghetti Pasta – Liberra Terra 500g
  • Sugo alla Norma x 2 – 180g
  • Organic Sicilian Anelletti Pasta – Liberra Terra 500g
  • Pesto di Trapanese x 1 – 180g
  • Strazzanti Extra virgin olive oil, 500ml


  • Wheat
  • Gluten
  • Milk
  • Nuts