Ortigia Florio Decorated Candle


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The perfect Sicilian relaxing gift to treat you or a loved one.

Set a relaxing mood, discover inside a beautifully decorated Florio Ortigia Sicilia candle with a delicate and fresh fragrance of Sicilian spring flowers.

About Ortigia Sicilia
Ortigia is renowned for their Sicilian essences and perfumes. They use only natural ingredients from the Sicilian land such as orange blossom, lime, bergamot, almond, and pomegranate, ensuring all products are created with organic ingredients.

What’s Included:

1 x Ortigia Sicilian Florio Decorated Candle Light blue organic candle wax, enriched with the natural essences of Sicilian spring flowers.


1 x Ortigia Sicilian Florio Decorated Candle