Sicilian Sugo di Pomodoro (Classic Sicilian Tomato Sauce)


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Every Italian knows a good sugo is an essential base in many recipes, so the quality of the tomato is so important. Our sugo is made in Sicily using the finest Sicilian, sweet tomatoes. The salty earth and rich mineral deposits from Mount Etna, combined with plentiful sunshine, make it a superior place to grow this staple ingredient, and the reason why Sicilian tomatoes are famous for being the best in the world!

Our Nonno’s recipe for this classic tomato sauce, uses freshly picked Sicilian grown tomatoes made into a Passata which is then cooked with local garlic, basil and Sicilian extra virgin olive oil where the olives are grown in Chiaramonte Gulfi using 100% Tonda Iblea monocultivar.

Serves 2 portions for Pasta. We love it with linguine or wholemeal cannolicchi, so try our Comfort Pasta Bowl recipe or our classic Pasta con Sugo di Pomodoro

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  • Tomato passata (93.5%); (Sicilian tomatoes, salt)
  • Sicilian extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt
  • Garlic
  • Basil


May contain traces of nuts & shells, milk, sesame seeds, celery. Made without gluten.