Sicilian Pistachio Flour 200g


The Sicilian pistachio is one of the finest varieties in the world harvested on the east coast of Sicily in the town of Bronte grown on the mineral-rich slopes of Mt. Etna. Our pistachios have an intense, rich sweet flavour as they are only harvested every 2 years to let the trees rest in order to maintain their superior quality.

Working with small family farms, this flour made from ground pistachio nuts is imported directly by us and is the base for our signature Sicilian Pistachio & Lemon cake.

Naturally gluten free, this flour will add a delicious nutty flavour and vibrant colour to your baking.


  • Pistachio (Nuts) from Bronte


  • Nuts

May contain traces of nuts & shells, milk, sesame seeds, celery.