Pappa Strazzanti’s Savoury Bake Parcel


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Discover inside all the ingredients you need for our father’s favourite lockdown cooking pastime – Pizza & Pasta!

His passion has inspired our Savoury Bake Parcel, which includes all the ingredients you need to make Sfincione Siciliano, a traditional Sicilian pizza, as well as fresh cavatelli pasta, without stepping one foot out the door.

This style of pizza from Palermo has a thicker crust (similar to focaccia) and is baked in rectangular shaped pans. We use Twice-milled durum wheat semolina or Semola Rimacinata which comes from Sicilian durum wheat; only water is required to bind the dough.

Within your parcel we will include the recipe cards for

  • Sfincione topped with anchovies, pecorino & onion
  • Cavetelli  fresh pasta served with our ready to serve Alla Norma sauce and Ricotta Salata to finish.

This recipe parcel will make 1 large Sfincione enough for 4 portions & 3-4 portions (depending on your appetite) of fresh pasta with sauce.

If you’re new to fresh pasta making without a machine, join our Pasta Fresca virtual skills masterclass on the 6th February for a live cook along tutorial with Emilia.


  • Semolina Flour 1kg
  • Strazzanti Sicilian Sugo di Pomodoro x 2
  • Anchovies
  • Pecorino Cheese 100g
  • Yeast 7g
  • Onions x 4
  • Strazzanti Sicilian Sugo Alla Norma  x 1
  • Ricotta Salata 75g

Not included:


  • Wheat
  • Gluten
  • Milk
  • Fish