Marsala Martini (200ml)


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From the team of Bar Termini who bring a mixture of classic and experimental drinks for every occasion, discover their iconic Marsala Martini, which is made using London Dry Gin, marsala dolce, dry vermouth and almond bitters.

This martini will take you back to holidays in Sicily, with it’s aromatic and balanced savoury, sweet and dry flavour, making this martini perfect for Aperitivo evenings sweet and savoury.

To serve: chill liquid and glass before serving and serve straight up, with an almond.

Food PairingCubaita Siciliana Zabione Recipe, Sicilian Hazelnut Cake.

Serves: Recommended 70ml per serve
Weight: 200ml
Storage: Keep refrigerated, use within 6 months


  • 30.1% abv
  • London dry gin
  • Marsala dolce
  • Dry vermouth
  • Almond bitters