Infused Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Peperoncino (Chilli)


Enhance traditional Sicilian dishes which by nature are simple but yet so unique for their ingredients enriched by flavours of the territory through our naturally infused extra virgin olive oils. The Sicilian chilli is fragrant, yet full of fiery sweet heat, once infused this is a great addition to your dishes to add a Sicilian chilli kick without being too overpowering.

By respecting traditions and partnering with the current generation of olive oil growers and makers who too are taking over from their Grandparents, together, we continuously search to create the highest quality olive oils, where typical flavours are perfectly matched with the local Sicilian territory.

Weight: 200ml
Storage: Store in a cool dark place away from heat


  • Extra virgin olive oil 95%
  • Natural extract of chili pepper 5%