Infused Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil with (Limone) Lemon


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Our infused oils are reminiscent of the flavours of Sicily inspired by the cultural influences that were introduced to the land from all the various settlements.

With lemons being such a vital ingredient to Sicilian cuisine, introduced during the Arabic settlement, we use our Sicilian lemon infused extra virgin olive oil to season our salads, fish, white meat dishes and specific pasta dishes such as Pasta with tuna bottarga and lemon.

Our new collection of extra virgin olive oils are created from the heart of Sicily, on the hills near Caltanissetta, just moments away from the towns where our grandparents were born and raised. At 600 meters above sea level, in an area which has always been suitable and devoted to growing olives, the best olives are selected to produce our superior quality olive oil.

Weight: 200ml
Storage: Store in a cool dark place away from heat


  • Extra virgin olive oil 96%
  • Natural extract of lemon 4%


  • Spinach, Garlic & Lemon (vegan)