Crema di Nocciola Siciliana 180g (Sweet Hazelnut Spread)


Sweet hazelnut spread made with 40% Sicilian hazelnuts

Our spread is made with Sicilian hazelnuts from Nebrodi, lightly roasted for a nutty, delicate sweet flavour. Produced using sustainable dry farming methods in small batches for optimum freshness.

Delicious spread on bread, toast, pastries, pancakes and our signature Sicilian cakes.

Recipe Inspiration:


Shelled roasted hazelnuts (40%) (NUTS – HAZELNUTS)
Sunflower oil
Cocoa butter
Whole powdered milk (MILK)
Lactose (MILK)
Powdered whey (MILK)
Sunflower lecithin
Natural flavours

Weight: 180g
Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Due to the nature of the product oil from the nuts may split and rise to the surface, simply mix well together before use.


  • Nuts – Hazelnuts
  • Milk