COS Rami Bianco (Orange Wine)


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COS Rami Bianco is a Sicilian orange wine macerated for 15 days, made from 50% Grecanico and 50% Inzolia certified organic with sweet aromas of apricots, dried flowers and orange peel with a deep golden colour. This wine is highly elegant on the palate and has been aged for 9 months in traditional terracotta amphora.

Produced by Cos Winery, which was founded in 1980 by three friends and expert winemakers.
Giambattista Cilia + Giusto Occhipinti + Cirino Strano = COS! Located at the farthest tip of south eastern Sicily in Vittoria, Ragusa.

Cos are leaders in the wine industry, where all their wines tell a story and the story of the Sicilian land. With the Mediterranean climate hosting milder temperatures than other areas of Ragusa, as well as African roots from various architectural ruins, vegetation of olives, carob, almond trees and vines abound, this unique climate works together with Cos to create unique wines.

Certified organic and with the maceration process taking place in traditional terracotta Amphora, earthenware jars, the process produces natural micro-oxygenation without added flavors/aromas. As well as temperature regulation, preservation of wine freshness, cleanliness, Amphora is a beautiful way to age wines and also last forever when well maintained.

Food Pairing:  Pasta con le Sarde, couscous, fish and all round aperitivo.

Serves: 6 x 125ml glasses
Weight: 750ml
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place


  • 50% Grecanico, 50% Inzolia
  • 12% Alcohol content
  • Organic