Morettino Filter Coffee – Limited Edition “Carretto Siciliano” Tin


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Inside the keepsake tins of our Sicily Boutique Coffee there is a special recipe created by Morettino master roasters as a tribute to tradition, following ancient family recipes.

An exclusive blend of freshly ground artisan coffee, with a vigorous, typically Mediterranean character. Its velvety and persistent taste leads on a taste journey through the aromas and flavours of Sicily.

Since 1920 Morettino has taken us on a journey to discover the Sicilian coffee experience. Over time the family’s passion and dedication to search for the best coffee beans all over the world has led Morettino to create a superior quality artisan coffee in the heart of Palermo, Sicily.

Serves: Ideal for all coffee makers: moka, filter, French press.
Weight: 125g
Storage: Keep in a cool dry area and well sealed once opened.