A Rose Cake Baking Mould


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With 6 perfectly formed roses to make beautiful individual cakes

To put on a great cake & pastry spread, from our experience its not just the recipe and the ingredients you use but also how you present your cakes & pastries, to really give that wow factor!

So making sure you choose the right baking mould is essential!

We love this rose cake baking mould, it makes 6 perfectly formed roses where all are 3 signature cake mixes work a treat and where the centre perfectly en-captures our trio of nut creams.

Choose from our Signature Cakes of : Sicilian PistachioSicilian Almond or Sicilian Hazelnut 

The Rose Cake Baking Mould has 12 individual cavities which holds around 70g raw cake mix

Makes 12 x Strazzanti Rose Cake from 1 x bag of our Signature flour mixes  (you must use the mould twice)