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Our cakes are created with our Sicilian Pistachios, Almonds and Hazelnuts imported directly by us from small farms in Sicily who continue to nurture the land with care and traditional working methods which have been passed down from one generation to the next to help preserve the nature and essence of the Sicilian land.

 Our whole and individual cakes are perfect as a gift, dinner party or any special occasions.

You can also enjoy our whole cakes by the slice from our London Stockists.

Sicilian Pistachios from Bronte are known as the emerald gold of Sicily. Harvested only every 2 years, the pistachios are full of intense and sweet flavour and are high in demand.

The Strazzanti Pistachio & Lemon cake is produced using Sicilian pistachios imported directly by Strazzanti and the Pistachio cream uses up 60% of Sicilian pistachios from Bronte.

The Almonds used in our Sicilian Almond cake are a blend of 5 different varieties of Almonds from the Val di Noto region in the South-East of Sicily, an area famous for the natural production of Almonds, where irrigation is not needed as the crops are grown in close proximity to the sea.

High in essential oils reaching up to 26%, the natural and subtle flavour of marzipan permeates through the cake with a citrus sharp hit of lemon from the lemon ganache cream.

Italian Hazelnuts are well known for their high quality and full rich flavour, particularly in the North of Italy. More recently, the Sicilians are celebrating the superior quality Hazelnut from the Nebrodi area just north of Catania, located in the province of Messina.

Imported directly by Strazzanti, the Sicilian Hazelnut is complimented by the dark chocolate, giving a light yet indulgent cake.

Our Cakes

Whole Cake 9 inch

£35, serves 10 people

Individual Cakes

£21, 6 x Individual Cakes

Mini Cakes

£12, 12 x mini Cakes


All Cakes have up to 6 days Shelf life, Store in a cool, dry area

Minimum spend per order £20

Shipping costs start from £7.50

*Please note that all our products are handmade and colour and decoration may differ and are subject to supply. The image provided is a representation of the product you will receive.

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