Summer Break

We will be taking a break from deliveries and cooking over the Summer. When we return it will be with exciting new recipes and news!

We have also made sure you still get your Sicilian food fix with weekly recipes directly to your inbox throughout August so be sure to keep an eye out.

Online Bakery

Our signature collection of cakes are created with our Sicilian Pistachios, Almonds and Hazelnuts imported directly by us from small farms in Sicily who continue to nurture the land with care and traditional working methods which have been passed down from one generation to the next to help preserve the nature and essence of the Sicilian land.

Our small and large cakes are perfect as a gift or any special occasions.

Il Piccolo Pacchetto

Pronounced Il Pikkolo Pakˈketto – the little parcel

Create your own Sicilian Supper Club at home with our series of signature menu’s. Whether sharing with friends or family for a special or casual occasion, or simply looking for a unique, flavoursome dinner, pre-order from a selection of three menus, including one weekly changing special 4 course signature supper club experience. Each order is made fresh for you, delivered directly to your door each Friday.

Pecorino & Honey Tortelloni with Sicilian Pistachio Pesto

We’ll be back in September after the Summer holidays. Buone vacanze!

Price: £12.50 – £18.75
Parcel Portions: Choose between 1 main portion (9pcs) or 2 main portions (18pcs)

Available to order every week
Indulge in our Pecorino & honey tortelloni with our signature Sicilian pistachio pesto. The saltiness from the warm pecorino cheese with the sweetness of the honey wrapped inside the freshly made pasta, smothered in the rich pistachio pesto is an absolute flavour sensation. Over 50% Pistachios are used in our family blend, with all natural products.

In each parcel discover a portion of fresh pasta (9 or 18 pieces), perfectly portioned pesto and simple preparation tips, feeding 2 people as a generous main course.

The Stuzzichini Aperitivo Club

We’ll be back in September after the Summer holidays. Buone vacanze!

Price: £22 per person
Parcel Portions:  Each parcel contains 2 generous portions

Available to order every week
It’s early evening and you are ready to wind down; perhaps you’re also a tiny bit hungry. That’s aperitivo time! In Sicily, we enjoy ours with Stuzzichini, a marriage of tasty bites with a colourful cocktail. To pick & nibble, ready to eat, simply plate up.

  • Sicilian Olives de Belice
  • Ragussano Cheese from Ragusa, South east Sicily.
  • Pesto Trapanese made with Sicilian Almonds
  • Semi Stagionato Pecorino pieces with Sicilian raw honey
  • Sundried tomatoes infused with fresh basil
  • Sicilian grilled & marinated artichokes
  • Strazzanti Sicilian Extra Virgin 100% Moresca Olive Oil
  • Freshly baked loaf of bread
  • Dolci: Our Signature Sicilian Cakes (3 flavours

The Gamberi Supper Club

We’ll be back in September after the Summer holidays. Buone vacanze!

Price: £22 per person
Parcel Portions: 2 generous portions 

This 4 Course Supperclub Menu includes:
Stuzzichini: Olives de Belice & Sicilian Pecorino with black peppercorns. To pick & nibble, ready to eat, simply plate up perfect for an Aperitivo
Antipasti: Insalata di polpo, patate e olive nero; Octopus salad with potatoes & black olives (Marinated grilled artichokes for non-fish eaters) served with a whole loaf of freshly baked bread. Ready to eat, simply plate up.
Le Pasta: Gamberi; prawns with ricotta, pistachio & basil served with fresh handmade tagliatelle. (Marinated courgettes for non-fish eaters). Included are pre-portioned ingredients, minimal prep, super simple to create.
Dolci: Our Signature Sicilian Cakes (3 flavours) & Cubaita Siciliana Almond Brittle, ready to eat

How it works

1. Order before midnight on Tuesday

2. Contactless London delivery to your doorstep on Friday

3. Prep, cook & enjoy your Sicilian Supper

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