Gattò di Ricotta

Dolci - Desserts

Delightfully creamy with hidden gems of chocolate chip, this cake is too good to be served only at Easter.

Gatto di Ricotta is a baked, creamy, rich ricotta cake with chopped dark chocolate pieces running through the bake. It is the perfect cake for anyone who loves ricotta cheese and it is so simple to make, yet so impressive. The mix is an all in one cake mix, making it a quick and easy technique.

We use sheep ricotta for this recipe but if you find this difficult to find, then a cow’s ricotta can also be used, it just won’t have the same depth of flavour which you would get from the sheep ricotta. The traditional recipe also calls for breadcrumbs to coat the cake tin, however, for those who prefer to steer away from gluten we have an alternative option.

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