Discover Noto in May, a Sicilian Baroque Spring


It has been rumoured that “The Infiorata di Noto” all began in the 1980’s when one of Noto’s most famous and elegant streets, “Via Nicolaci”, was adorned with numerous flowers to create beautiful, colourful designs to admire the month of May and the colours of Spring.

History of course can even date this tradition back to the 1600s. What we know today is that every year young artists arrive in Noto to create masterpieces using only flowers. Every year there is a different theme to be inspired by and usually takes place on the 3rd week of May.


Noto itself
Noto, is a UNESCO world heritage site, the capital of Sicilian baroque architecture and one of eight towns located in south east Sicily, making up the Val di Noto region.

In 1693 the area was badly hit by an earthquake as well as Malta and parts of Calabria, this is when the architectural revival of these southeastern towns made history. Of course, it is also well known for its food…. How can it not be, we are talking about Sicily here!

We are now finally re-planning our food & wine experiences in Sicily for 2022 in the Val di Noto region. If you would be interested for us to keep you up to date with discovering these experiences, then please send us an email with potential dates and number of people!


Val di Noto – Sicilian Almonds
Val di Noto is where our almonds are grown, metres away from the sea. The natural irrigation of the land allows the almond trees to continue to thrive and be nurtured with the traditional ways of farming, creating a superior quality almond.

There are 7 varieties of Sicilian heirloom almonds that we personally know about and 5 of those are used in our Strazzanti almond cake blend. After 10 seconds of eating a Val di Noto almond you discover a natural, rich, yet subtle marzipan note that gradually and then suddenly appears on your palette. Filled with essential oils our almonds make one of the most moist cakes with its naturally balanced flavour and aroma of almonds in its purest form.

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