Easter in Sicily – A time to welcome Spring & Celebrate Traditions


Easter in Sicily – known as Pasqua, is a week filled with an array of celebrations, whether that be religious processions and parades like Lu Signuri delle Fasci, one of the most elaborate processions in Sicily from our Nonna’s home town Pietraperzia, and its colourful culinary food traditions.

During Easter, Sicily is a place that not only celebrates its religious beliefs, but also the change of seasons, saying farewell to the end of winter and welcoming the rebirth of Spring with all its glory. The island is filled with a lively atmosphere, which blooms with passion and care, caressing its beloved community.

A way to celebrate within Sicily is naturally with its culinary delights, dishes dating back to a time long gone, yet remaining with us through a family recipe. The ingredients used along with their methods are re-imagined by every family that has ever had the privilege to hold that recipe in their hands. Once from their relatives, now passed on through the generations and adapted to their new environment, each family continues the rituals of Sicily’s culinary traditions through their own interpretation.

It is important to acknowledge that although there is a consensus of typical dishes eaten over the Easter holiday, every family will have their own versions, so here in the first of our dedicated Recipe E-Books with this Easter Special Edition, we share with you our Strazzanti traditions, our family recipes as well as recipes we have composed from our friends who live across the island.

Continue to read this Editorial in our Special Edition Easter E-Book. A £2 donation from each purchase will be donated to The Trussell Trust Foundation, supporting food banks across the UK.