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British born with Sicilian & Neapolitan parents, food has always been at the heart of our family life, and a source of many nostalgic, warm memories. We draw on these memories, the native ingredients, the people, the nature and spirit of Sicily as the inspiration for our Sicilian Collection of fine food.


We are proud to represent the most skilful artisans, both old and new, the cultivators of our land, our heritage – our Sicily.


Sofia, Nina & Emilia Strazzanti

Nonno Filippo


    Pizzuta d’Avola Almonds

    The Sicilian Collection



    Our native Sicilian almonds, an heirloom variety, have been cultivated by the Padova family for 4 generations in the Province of Siracusa. These rare, delicate almonds are naturally grown close to the sea with no need for irrigation, creating a low yield with a full, intensified flavour. Rich in essential oils, with a moist and tender flesh, a milky sweet flavour develops in the palette followed by a persistent intensity of flavour. Delicious eaten raw with a glass of white wine or as a nutritious snack.

Nonno Nino


    The Land



    Our ingredients have been cultivated by generations of families spanning 130 years who have dedicated their lives to respecting the land and the sea by growing native and rare varieties of ingredients, with an uncompromising passion to nurture world class, sustainable produce. We work directly with these artisan producers and renowned chefs to discover the prized, rare and unique ingredients for our Sicilian collection. Produced in Sicily or handmade in London our products are crafted in small batches for optimum freshness.

  • The Hunter

    A symbol of our dedication to discover the authentic and rare from Sicily.


    The Cirneco dell’ Etna, ‘the Sicilian Hound’ is an ancient breed, native to Sicily. Derived from the Latin “cernere” which means “to look for attentively”, The Hunter was held high in spiritual, symbolic and religious importance for ancient Sicilians, often depicted in engravings and minted coins throughout the 5th and 2nd centuries B.C. Today, the rare, small hound, entirely orange in colour, continues to hunt small game in rough volcanic terrain in Sicily.



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    The Sicilian Collection


    Our signature cakes are available for collection or delivery. We are also available for bespoke orders, sweet catering including afternoon tea & wholesale.


    Signature Cakes

    Serves 8– 10

    Sicilian Pistachio & Lemon with Pistachio cream

    Sicilian Almond with Almond cream

    Sicilian Hazelnut & Chocolate


    Please email us to order or to receive a full menu or any other enquiries at

    or 07896 262 582


    Please be aware that our cakes are made without gluten; however, they are prepared in an environment where gluten is present.


Nonna Giovanna

  • The Three Sisters Sofia, Nina & Emilia Strazzanti; we combine our
    love of food, creative flare and varied professional backgrounds in fashion, music and pastry to bring Sicilian delicacies to the UK.

    Emilia Strazzanti




    Emilia’s passion for cuisine began at 10 years old, experimenting with our Neapolitan and Sicilian grandparents. Specialising in pastry, Emilia has found herself under the watchful eye of leading, inspirational chefs including Anton Mosimann. After working at the renowned 5 star hotel Le Maurice, Paris, training alongside the brigade of Yannick Alleno’s 3 Michelin starred restaurant and at the Dorchester Hotel, London, Emilia moved to Sicily to explore her origins, working for the Planeta family and Michelin starred chef, Accursio Craparo. Her time there reignited her passion for ingredients, products and their history inspiring her to help expose the talented people behind them to the UK.

    Sofia Strazzanti




    Starting out in the fashion industry in 2002, Sofia established her first business at the age of 26; an independent bespoke luxury womenswear brand called Truffle (inspired by her love of cuisine). It was this experience as a designer that led Sofia to start her sales agency, Innocenza, in 2008 which is now a successful multi-brand fashion agency, with a portfolio of both internationally established and emerging contemporary womenswear designers. Sofia’s ancestry and love for Sicily has made launching Strazzanti with her sisters the next natural step.

    Nina Strazzanti




    Nina specialises in music management, brand partnerships and luxury event production. Her former career saw her producing high profile events, including film premiers and private parties, for prestigious brands such as Harrods and Dom Perignon. Nina then went on to join Shoreditch based, independent music company Disturbing London, managing best-selling artists Tinie Tempah and Jessie J. Her four-year stint included overseeing global music campaigns, launching a clothing line and managing brand collaborations with the likes of Mercedes, Nike and Veuve Cliquot. Nina is now channelling her experience into her passion for her Italian heritage and food.


    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    The Sicilian Collection



    Made from 100% Sicilian native Moresca olives, our extra virgin olive oil is processed on the same day of picking using a fast and cold pressed system for maximum freshness and flavour. Bright green in colour, with hints of fresh herbs, walnuts and tomatoes, enjoy simply with fresh warm bread, or drizzle over fish, carpaccio and salads.

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